Samsung Galaxy Note 8: The iPhone 8 would be a pale copy!

Techno 7 July, 2017

If the Galaxy Note 8 has an enemy, it is the iPhone 8. Thanks to the leaks they suffered, we know more about their data sheet. But the two flagship killers may have much more in common …

IPhone 8, Galaxy Note 8 … The end of the year 2017 promises to be rich with novelties. The battle of the flagships is launched and the stakes are big for Samsung and Apple who are preparing to release their new mobiles. One must present his new philette and hopes to wipe the failure of the Galaxy Note 7, while the other has every interest in feasting his fans for the ten years of his headed smartphone. But the two main rivals in the smartphone war have far more similarities than they would admit. Borderless glass design, no button, dual photo sensor … Is the Cupertino firm, which can not keep its confidential information inspired by its rival forever?

It must be said that both have not been especially discreet lately. With the many leaks, we know a lot about the two competitors. Recently, the Galaxy Note 8 was revealed in a new image that unveiled its dual photo sensor … Horizontal. Strangely, the iPhone 8 also seems to have endowed itself! Coincidence? Here are others: the lack of Home button and their borderless design. Of course, this type of screen is not exclusive to Apple or Samsung. But this similarity is all the more striking when we know that Apple started a partnership with Samsung Display to give the iPhone 2018 OLED screens! Finally, despite these similarities, it is thought that you will have no difficulty in differentiating them. So which of these flagships do you prefer?