Samsung Galaxy Note: Soon a phablette with a screen at the front and back?

Techno 2 May, 2017

A Galaxy Note with a screen at the front AND at the back, it would make you kiffer? Samsung thinks about it, according to the patent recently filed.
At the end of April, meltyStyle confided to you that the Galaxy Note 7 had made its great return to Korea . It is offered at a price 30% lower than the original version, which is very interesting. You would have liked to get it for yourself, and you regret not having the opportunity? We understand you … But by discovering the patent that Samsung has recently filed, you should finally be glad to have waited. Why ? Because in the months / years to come, the manufacturer plans to market a phablette with a screen on the front facade, and on the rear facade . Before you say more, we let you discover the document that was unveiled.
According to patent patented by PatentlyMobile and relayed by Phonandroid , Samsung would work on a Galaxy Note covered with a rather special slab. This would surround the phablette completely, so as to cover it at the front and at the back. Admit that it makes you want! But this is not the only innovative project that occupies the manufacturer at the moment … The collapsible smartphone dubbed Galaxy X is more than ever topical, and could see the day before the Galaxy Note 8 . At meltyStyle, we’re looking forward to seeing what Samsung has to offer. Wrapped by the patent filed by Samsung?