Samsung Galaxy S7: A pack containing the phone, a VR headset and a 360 camera in promotion

Techno 18 January, 2017

Want to get a virtual reality headset, a Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone with other bonuses without totally ruining you? This promotion should please you …
The Samsung Galaxy S7, which will soon be deployed Android Nougat , is one of the most popular phones and cuts around are becoming more numerous. But some large brands often offer rather interesting packs and this is the case of the FNAC. A pack that continent plus the phone number rather generous bonus as a virtual reality headset Samsung Gear VR (black), a camera of the same brand Gear 360, 16GB SD card and finally a second battery . With all these bonuses, the Samsung Galaxy S7 becomes even more enticing and it would be a shame to miss such a generous offer!

A VR headset, the Galaxy S7 and other promo bonuses
But then how much is proposed this pack? On the site of the FNAC, the latter is at 899 euros. But with a reduction of 100 euros from the manufacturer through this small form , the smartphone immediately falls to 799 euros ! Is it useful to remind you that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is offered at the same price on the site of the manufacturer and … all alone? With this pack, you videos and other games using virtual reality. The camera will allow you to make these same videos and then view them with the headphones. The battery will increase your battery life and SD memory card. To take advantage of this reduction on the Galaxy S7, the Blue Reef was confirmed in Europe , go to this address . Ready to chop this pack?