Samsung Galaxy S7: Android Nougat degrades the definition of the screen

Techno 21 January, 2017

A bug of Android Nougat does not do well at the Samsung Galaxy S7. The update switches the QHD definition of the phone to Full HD. A bit annoying.
The screen of your Samsung Galaxy S7 has some difficulties since the migration to Android Nougat? It is (almost) normal. The latest update of the flagship smartphone is equipped with a slight bug that degrades the screen’s properties. It usually displays a QHD definition (2560 x 1440), which allows exceptional image quality. But after the update Android Nougat, recently available , the Samsung Galaxy S7 screen switches to “simple” Full HD. This is a version 7 bug of the green robot. A problem a bit annoying, but fortunately can be settled quite easily. We offer you the solution to restore the brightness to the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S7.

Moving from a QHD to a Full HD resolution can significantly extend the terminal’s autonomy. This change is well under the mode “low consumption” of Samsung Galaxy S7, available for less than 560 € . This innovation, initially presented with the Note 7, is nevertheless enabled by default when switching to Android Nougat . To solve the problem, simply change the default definition of your smartphone. Go to the Settings app and select View> Change Resolution. The highest value (2560 x 1440) should then be selected. You should see the change very quickly with better display of texts and photos on your phone screen. Are you affected by the problem?