Samsung Galaxy S7: Back on the success of the king of Android smartphones

News 1 February, 2017

Big success, the Samsung Galaxy S7 seems to no longer have direct competitors in the market of Android smartphones. The geek chronicle returns to this extraordinary success

The king is back. We are not talking about Burger King but of Samsung and its Samsung Galaxy S7. Presented at the opening of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona five months ago, it can be affirmed with confidence today: the Samsung Galaxy S7 is a phenomenal success, without great competition on its price range in Android smartphones. With its waterproof design glass, its screen curved edges or its technical characteristics that make it more than a dream, the Samsung Galaxy S7, you can even rent , is the best Android smartphone market. And consumers are not mistaken, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is sold by whole crate, even offering the luxury to compete with its big enemy the iPhone 6s – although few sales figures have leaked. The melkyStyle geek chronicles the phenomenal success of the Samsung Galaxy S7.

That the Samsung Galaxy S7 does good to Samsung! A few months ago, investors, analysts and even journalists worried about Samsung’s accounts that saw its sales of smartphones melt as snow in the sun. With the S5 and the S6, Samsung was struggling to compete with the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and the big screens made in Apple, as well as Chinese manufacturers who had just landed on the Western market with smartphones with quality- unbeatable price. The South Korean automaker had even ceded its place as the biggest smartphone seller, to its old enemy, Apple. But with the Samsung Galaxy S7, this is more than old history. By selling well, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and its variations, such as S7 Active who has trouble with water , bailing out Samsung funds, and gives a mouthful of fresh air to the manufacturer.

Difficult to stay with this superb design
It must be said that Samsung has achieved a small feat with the Samsung Galaxy S7. The three-star brand has decided to position its smartphone in the high-end, as evidenced by its neat glass design, abandoning plastic. Very competitive segment, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has become the reference of the high-end smartphone with a green robot, ringardisant its competitors like HTC and LG G5 10 who are struggling to find buyers . Indeed, today, no smartphone with more than 700 € does not manage to sell well, except the iPhone 6s (and 6s Plus) and therefore the Samsung Galaxy S7. With the Samsung Galaxy S8 is being prepared, Samsung could also provide sales figures similar to those of the next iPhone 7. You have also purchased one?