Samsung Galaxy S7: Good plan, the smartphone passes under the bar of 390 euros!

Techno 10 March, 2017

As it prepares to make room for the Galaxy S8, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is becoming less and less expensive. The best Android smartphone in 2016 has just passed under the bar of 390 euros!
The Samsung Galaxy S7 is, more and more, accessible. Best Android smartphone in 2016, the Korean manufacturer’s flagship is about to make room for the Galaxy S8, whose announcement is fast approaching. As a result, the e-commerce sites break the prices of the smartphone which is now available in a sublime color Coral Blue . Marketed at 699 euros at the time of its release, the Samsung Galaxy S7 has just passed under 390 euros. No, you do not dream. The Samsung smartphone is really waiting for you!
Released in March 2016, the latest addition to the Samsung Galaxy S7, the Samsung Galaxy S7, is no exception to some of the smartphones presented at MWC 2017 . You want to give it to yourself without paying a high price? It’s cool, you’re in the right place. You can give yourself this smartphone that received the Android 7.0 update at 388 euros on PriceMinister , thanks to a 70 euros from Samsung. It would be really stupid not to shopper this smartphone at the price of the mid-range. So, what are you waiting for to heat your CB?