Samsung Galaxy S7, Motorcycle Z, BlackBerry Priv … Here are the safest smartphones according to Google!

Techno 6 July, 2017

Whether you’re a happy user of a Samsung Galaxy S7, a Moto Z or a BlackBerry Priv, you know the music. Security patches are very important and here are the safest Android smartphones according to Google.

Security updates play an important role in the security of Android smartphones. And in this game, the different mobile phones are not housed in the same sign. As usual, Google deploys each month a fix that is supposed to correct the various security flaws. But at the time these lines are written, very few mobile phones are up to date. If the Samsung Galaxy S7 is among the 42 good students cited by Google in a list of smartphones up-to-date in terms of security patch, this is not necessarily the case of the Galaxy A5 2017 which benefits from a nice promotion. Without further ado, discovers the safest smartphones of the game.

Among the 42 smartphones mentioned are the Google Pixel, OPPO, Lenovo Moto Z, BlackBerry Priv, Sony Xperia XA1, or the LG G6 and Samsung’s S8 and S8 +. These smartphones are pretty secure according to Google but, this should not push you to do anything on your Galaxy S7 whose price keeps falling in this period of sales. But if not, what are your techniques to protect your smartphone from viruses?