Samsung Galaxy S7: New beta, the latest before Android Nougat?

Techno 20 December, 2016

Will Android Nougat on the Samsung Galaxy S7 be available before the end of the year? Samsung seems to work hard at it.
Android Nougat and the Samsung Galaxy S7, this is the soap opera of this end of the year. The South Korean manufacturer has announced want to update their Samsung Galaxy S 7 to Android nougat before “the end of 2016, early 2017” and launched a beta program – not available in France – to track down any bug. Last week, we learned that some operators had even launched Android Nougat tests on the Samsung Galaxy S7 on their network, proof that the subject is making great strides. Yet there would still be some bugs to eradicate before the official launch can be done. Samsung has indeed released a fourth beta of Android Nougat on the Samsung Galaxy S7, the latest before the final update?

The 4th beta of Android 7.0 is available for the Galaxy S7
This fourth – hoped final – beta Android Nougat to the Samsung Galaxy S7, which will make your finger overkill , mainly focuses on bug fixes, but also on some details, smelling the upcoming launch. Samsung, for example, removed the word “Samsung Experience” , the name of the new TouchWiz UI, settings. Android Nougat is indeed turning with a TouchWiz overlay on the Samsung Galaxy S7, not with Samsung Experience as it seemed initially expected. Note also that Samsung Notes is no longer present by default, and that it must be re-downloaded from the Google Play Store. Many small improvements in this fourth beta of Android Nougat what makes us think that it will take more long before the Samsung Galaxy S7 is (finally) updated. Impatient?