Samsung Galaxy S7: New cases of battery overheating

Techno 15 December, 2016

Samsung and batteries that heat: a great love story? One user had his phone Galaxy S7 Edge into flames before his eyes!
Samsung has become synonymous despite her smartphone explosives. It must be said that the builder has suffered a huge scandal this summer with its Galaxy Note 7. PHABLET which has seen many cases of burnings – fortunately not fatal – before being finally withdrawn from sale. Today is a user of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, which would be directly upgraded to Android 7.1.1 Nougat , which was a case of explosive battery. The photos are impressive to say the least as they show the phone completely charred: we picture the terror of the young woman facing the incident. Many details have also been made by the latter.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 was simply placed on the user’s desktop. Neither trendy nor used. We already imagine Samsung, whose image is scratched by batteries that explode, an investigation to discover the cause . Phone already defective, basic battery exchanged for another model or simply doctored? All possibilities can be discussed. Of course, this incident should not prevent you from buying a Samsung Galaxy S7 whose big improvements are coming. The smartphone remains one of the best in the market. Samsung has always been able to offer quality products and cases of mobile explosives are exclusive to him. Even Apple has known … What do you think of this?