Samsung Galaxy S7: Samsung updates the user manual for Android Nougat

Techno 31 December, 2016

The arrival of the update of Android Nougat on the Samsung Galaxy S7 is imminent! Samsung has updated the user manual of the smartphone.
Android Nougat on the Samsung Galaxy S7 is for next January. Samsung has indeed confirmed yesterday the arrival date of the latest green robot on its flagship smartphone , and thus terminated the Android Nougat beta program on the Samsung Galaxy S7. The latest bugs seem to have been fixed, and it is now the turn of the different operators to test the update. Witness the imminent arrival of Android Nougat, Samsung has this morning to update the manual for the Samsung Galaxy S7 – English only for now – to reflect the changes made by Android 7. Samsung “Summarizes” all the big changes brought by Android Nougat to its Samsung Galaxy S7.

Samsung Galaxy S7 – The user manual has been updated for Android Nougat!
Samsung Galaxy S7 – Changes for the camera
The manual , 191 pages, explains every detail about the Samsung Galaxy S7 of how to change the SIM card how to create a folder through the use of a touch screen. So it is useless to read it for a technophile warned but it brings us some details about the graphic changes and behaviors brought by Android Nougat on the Samsung Galaxy S7, as evidenced by the few captures above. The fact that Samsung has updated its manual Samsung Galaxy S7 Nougat for Android, which will make your fingers overpowered , proves that the update will be available very soon. The manual is only in English at the moment but should be available in the language of Molière in the next few days. Ready for Android Nougat?