Samsung Galaxy S8 +: A day of testing with the new boss of smartphones!

Techno 21 April, 2017

The Galaxy S8 + was delivered to us by Samsung. I had the opportunity to spend a day next to this smartphone. And here are my first impressions, waiting for my complete test.
10h : Ouloulou, I am one of the lucky ones who will test the Samsung Galaxy S8 +. I’m a bit ashamed, but nothing but the packaging of the new Korean smartphone gives me as much thrill as a new album by Kendrick Lamar. It is open. Aesthetically, the Galaxy S8 + has nothing to do with its elders . He throws it but still risks to keep the fingerprints of all my friends on his back shell. Well, I’m not going to make it difficult. The Galaxy S8 Plus’s very strong technical sheet sells a dream, what more can you ask for?
10h30 : Aesthetically, the Samsung Galaxy S8 + tutoie perfection. Despite its 6.2 inches, this new smartphone is very compact and offers a beautiful grip. With its sleek front, the Galaxy S8 + is synonymous with Waouh. Its Infinity screen can leave you speechless. In my hands, I felt like I was just holding a screen. Ultra-light and very thin, the Galaxy S8 + gives a real visual and sensorial slap.
11h : The first surprise that bluffs me on this Galaxy S8 is its home button. Pressing it, I felt a pressure on the finger while it is not even a real button. The new home button simulates the sensations (like your girlfriend) of a physical button. But it was mostly the screen that put a real slap. OLED requires, the contrast is effective and much better than that of any LCD screen (there is no photo with the iPhone 7 for example).
12h : Once the Samsung Galaxy S8 + has been configured, I tackle the heavy subject: the camera. And there, magic operates! The colors are hallucinating, the sensor adapts to all conditions of brightness, from the sun terrace to the subway dipped in the dark. Unlike other manufacturers, Samsung did not crack for the dual photo sensor . And even if it is only 12 megapixels, If the Galaxy S8 and S8 + are satisfied with a definition of 12 megapixels, it is mainly to capture more light. The editing of melty is more beautiful than true.
13h : It’s time for lunch and the opportunity to check that the Galaxy S8 + is waterproof. Yes, Samsung’s new phone is IP68 certified, allowing it to be immersed for 30 minutes at a depth of 1.50 meters and resisting dust. Well, I took my courage to slide the Galaxy S8 + in a glass of water (it’s less than a meter 50 but I’m already scared enough). The phone recovered well and I was able to navigate between oklm applications.
15h : Well, I decided to download the game Asphalt Xtrem to see what it looks like on Galaxy S8 +. After all, chopping rare creatures has never hurt anyone! The result is canon.
16h : After a rather dense little day, the Galaxy S8 + displays 60% of battery. Dammit . To conclude, this smartphone is a pleasure to use and it is probably the best I could try. I look forward to testing Bixby and the performance of this smartphone which should benefit from an update to correct its red veil.