Samsung Galaxy S8: A similar smartphone unveiled

Techno 12 July, 2017

Recently, we had spoken to you about a Chinese smartphone, perfect imitation of the Samsung Galaxy S8. Today, another phone with more than obvious inspiration is revealed for us.

It often happens that Chinese brands take inspiration from premium smartphones to design certain models. The latest manufacturer to have done this, Ulefone, has just unveiled his Ulefone F2 which is reminiscent of a recent flagship. This is of course the Samsung Galaxy S8, which surpassed in terms of sales the model Plus. Of course, no comparison between the two level machine features but design level, there is a trick that challenges. A glance at the Ulefone F2 below is able to mislead someone who would look a little too fast!

Where the resemblance strikes immediately, it is at the level of the curved screen! Even the wallpaper shown in the photo above echoes that of the Samsung Galaxy S8. The impression sensor on the back of the camera and its black color, its design, are also evocative. In short, everything is there for the comparison to be inevitable. What’s more flattering for the Samsung Galaxy S8, whose Mini version has been denied, than being copied and inspiring inspiration? It remains to be seen if the firm Samsung will close its eyes on this copy much too crude to be the fruit of a chance on the part of Ulefone.