Samsung Galaxy S8: A video shows the smartphone in action!

Techno 21 March, 2017

The Galaxy S8 in operation, what does it give? The answer in the video and the photos that leaked! You will be able to check the interface of the future flagship even before it is formalized.
The Galaxy S8 will be officialized on 29 March at a press conference in New York. And the closer we get to this event, the more rumors are spread about the flagship concerned. A few hours ago, meltyStyle confided to you that the colors Orchid Gray and Black Sky had leaked . They could be admired from back, front and side. But if you have not had enough, then the video and the high-definition photos that have just appeared should finish filling you … Why? Because they show the Galaxy S8 in operation, and they give us an even more precise idea of ​​what it will look like.
In the video above, the user unlocks the Galaxy S8 via the fingerprint reader at the back. In an instant, it accesses the interface of the smartphone and the different icons proposed . Icons that are found on one of the two photos that were unveiled and that Phonandroid relayed. As for the second picture, it highlights the Always on Display mode. It allows you to display information such as time, date, and load level when the device is locked, all without draining the battery. Rather cool, right? While awaiting the officialization of the Galaxy S8, (re) discovers the purple color in which it should be declined .