Samsung Galaxy S8 Active: Its upcoming release is confirmed

Techno 20 June, 2017

There’s no doubt that an active version of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will soon be released. His presentation would even be imminent.
There is no doubt about the excellence of the Samsung Galaxy S8. It has even been crowned the world’s best phone by the Consumer Reports . Yes, but there is a size defect. Its borderless design makes it a very fragile device. At the first fall, the screen may break or the back may scratch. A smartphone that does not really advise the more adventurous among us. Fortunately, Samsung has more than one trick in its bag. The South Korean brand will soon release an active version of its Galaxy S8. More resilient, it would be more suited to a more “active” lifestyle . We also know a part of its data sheet – it should embed the Snapdragon 835 processor. The date of release of this model could moreover delay too.
Samsung has officially confirmed the release of the Galaxy S8 Active. There is indeed a mention of the smartphone on the website of its manufacturer, at Knox , the surcouche security of the South Korean. The company lists a new device, responding to the SM-G892A code name. When we know that last year’s S7 Active was called SM-G891A, its existence is no longer in doubt. This is further proof of its forthcoming release. Attention however, it would be almost impossible for Europeans to get this Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, much more resistant . The smartphone would be an exclusivity of the US operator AT & T, as last year. So it should be difficult to buy it. Do you find the Galaxy S8 too fragile?