Samsung Galaxy S8: Bixby unveils its incredible talents in video!

Techno 18 July, 2017

Bixby, the voice assistant of Samsung, is highly anticipated on the smartphones of the firm. The latter was unveiled in an exclusive video that shows the extent of its capabilities.

The voice assistant developed by Samsung will have a heavy task. That of to impose itself like the unavoidable on the smartphones Android while Siri shines always with Apple and its iPhone. No wonder then that the owners of the Samsung Galaxy S8, whose Mini version has been denied by Samsung, are anxiously waiting to see Bixby landing. For those who fear that this one is missed, a video appeared on the web should reassure them. The latter highlights the undeniable qualities of the voice assistant which from a simple voice command performs a multitude of complex tasks.

Through this video, we can see that Bixby is able to take a video if asked, to instantly activate Wifi etc. With it, the promise that the users of Samsung possess a vocal assistant finally effective … until he teamed other models than the Samsung Galaxy S8 and is able to learn other languages ​​without rowing too much. It remains to be seen if Bixby will manage to dominate the voice assistant of Google and if the firm will find an arrangement with Samsung. Because if you did not know it, it is rather tense between the two manufacturers at the level of this question.