Samsung Galaxy S8: Does its new design pose an ergonomic problem?

Techno 2 February, 2017

Samsung is preparing a brand new design for its Galaxy S8. Yet, the leaks show a big problem of ergonomics.
The Samsung Galaxy S8 will mark a break with its predecessors. Its look should indeed be very innovative. Thanks to the advances in terms of screen, the bezel would be very reduced on the front face of the smartphone. This will give a very refined design to the latter, but will require a major reorganization. The buttons would no longer have their place on the front of the phone, and would be relegated to the back. The first leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S8 confirm this new arrangement. 8 Like the iPhone, the smartphone Home button would disappear . Only the fingerprint sensor would persist, and find its place to the right of the camera. This new design poses nevertheless a big problem of ergonomics.
CNET Korea has published reports of the next Samsung Galaxy S8. On the latter, the new position of the fingerprint sensor is clearly observed. Placing this one at the back is logical. This is an option that has been chosen by many Android manufacturers, and it has proven itself. Still, unlike its competitors, Samsung seems to have preferred to put it to the right of the camera. It is a place that is absolutely not intuitive. The user will indeed be obliged to look for the exact place to position his finger correctly. On a larger version, this place could also be too high for normally proportioned hands. Hopefully Samsung reviews the design and ergonomics of the Galaxy S8, which will not be presented before the MWC , before its presentation. What do you think of this new look?