Samsung Galaxy S8: Google may delay release due to disagreement

Techno 24 December, 2016

The Samsung Galaxy S8 late due to a disagreement with the Google firm? This is one of the rumors of the day that concerns the Android operating system!
In the smartphone market, two operating systems clash. On the one hand, iOS, designed and used by Apple, on the other, Android, developed by Google and used by many manufacturers. Samsung has long had to compete with the artificial intelligence of its competitor, Siri, by developing its own technology. And while that dream became reality with the purchase of Viv Labs , an old agreement between Samsung and Google just out, making it much more difficult this operation. Samsung, which unveiled its new Netbook 9 , agreed in 2014 to use artificial intelligence to Google, the Google Assistant, without competing with it.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 late after a disagreement?

This prohibition emanating from Google could therefore postpone the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8, shaking the plans of the manufacturer. The agreement between the two companies promised not to enter into direct competition but stressed the opportunity to enjoy their inventions respectively. Here, Samsung would purely and simply replace the Google Assistant. It remains to know how artificial intelligence will eventually be equipped with the Samsung Galaxy S8, which could have a 6-inch screen . While knowing that faced with a growing success, the chances that Samsung is pulling a finger on her baby are very thin. The negotiations between the two firms are open. What do you think of this disagreement?