Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 7: Frozen in Coca for 15 hours, will they survive?

Techno 30 May, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and the iPhone 7 were immersed in Coca … and passed to freeze for 15 hours! Did they hold on?
A new Samsung VS Apple duel! After surviving in Coca for three minutes , the head-smartphone and the South Korean smartphone will compete in a new resistance test. Not only immersed in Coca, the two competing smartphones will be placed in the freezer for 15 hours! Which of the two will do best after passing through the freezer, soaked in soda? ” Buy Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola wood … and freeze your iPhone in Coca-Cola! ” EverythingApplePro has the right words to start his test of survival. The Youtubeur places the two smartphones in tupperwares that he fills with soda to the brim, before taking them to take a ride to the freeze during one night. Which of the two will best hold on?
Barely immersed, the Galaxy S8 reacts rather strangely. The iPhone 7, it holds the blow and continues to function … before extinguishing. As they leave the freezer, Coca blocks are tormented, thrown to the ground, immersed in water by Youtubeur who tries to extract the two smartphones that have crushed all competition . And to his surprise, the iPhone 7, just like the Galaxy S8 survived the test. Both are still operational. We noticed a ghost effect on the animations of the iPhone after this change to the cold … But here you are reassured. If you accidentally drop your iPhone in a Coca basin in your freezer … you can recover it without problem! Bluffing, huh?