Samsung Galaxy S8: Iris scanner and button for Bixby confirmed?

Techno 20 February, 2017

Will the Samsung Galaxy S8 have an iris scanner and a button for Bixby? This is what a hull seems to confirm!
The Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the most anticipated phones of this year 2017 notably thanks to its many features. And two of them may have just been confirmed by a dealer who has made available the Samsung Galaxy S8 shells , of which @evleaks has teased the name of a model . This is a product showing an iris scanner and an additional button intended for Bixby under for sound. Nothing surprising for the iris scanner since the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was equipped with it and that the firm seems to want to bet thoroughly on this technology rather cool to unlock its smartphone with its simple look!
Bixby will compete with Apple’s most popular voice assistant, Siri. The button may be visible under the sound and if this shell is well-suited to the South Korean phone, will activate Bixby very quickly. Of course, as long as the Samsung Galaxy S8 – whose firm expects big sales – has not been confirmed , these photos are to be taken with tweezers . But it’s a safe bet that the flagship will look like the glimpses used to show the hulls. Samsung , one of the leaders of smartphones, is expected at the turn. His next-born will have to catch up with the fiasco of the Galaxy Note 7 while reassuring its many users. What do you think of this leak?