Samsung Galaxy S8: Like the iPhone 8, better IP68 certification?

Techno 17 January, 2017

Will 2017 be the year of better water resistance for smartphones? The iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be IP68 certified.
The number of resistant smartphones is no longer counted. The Sony Xperia were the precursors, but today, all high-end phones are. Thus, the iPhone 7 and the Galaxy S7 can take a bath for several minutes without great danger. By 2017, manufacturers will move to higher gear. It is rumored that indeed the next iPhone would be 8 more water resistant than the previous generation. It would be joined on this by Samsung. The brand plans to certify IP68 a large part of its range. Galaxy S8, Galaxy A, but also Galaxy J, almost all South Korean smartphones would be resistant to water by the end of the year. We can only rejoice at such news.

The iPhone 8 will go from IP67 certification to IP68. Like the Samsung Galaxy S8, this approval provides better resistance to water and dust. Thus, the smartphone can withstand a 1.5 meter deep bath for 30 minutes, and suffer no damage. It must also be resistant to dust. The S7 is already waterproof but Samsung wants to go further with the Galaxy S8, which happens in less than 40 days . Without reaching IP69 , the Korean brand would go beyond what the standard requires, according to The Investor . The flagship could thus be placed as one of the best amphibian telephones of the market. Very good news for the resistance of our smartphones. Reassured by such a norm?