Samsung Galaxy S8: New Android update Nougat to improve the autonomy

Techno 23 June, 2017

Android Nougat passes the top speed on the Samsung Galaxy S8. An update that could boost the autonomy of your favorite phone!
With its battery capacity of 3000 mAh, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a very autonomous smartphone, and it will easily make you a day in heavy use. The Plus version of the device is capable of holding 18 hours when fully used, according to a CNET study . A very good score, but users are never against a little extra autonomy . With this in mind, Android Nougat has greatly improved Dozen , its energy-saving function. Very useful, it drastically reduces the use of the battery during multitasking. A feature that has been proven, but still available only on a handful of tablets.
One more update for the Samsung Galaxy S8! Last week, Android Nougat had been pampered on the phone, with some additional features . The South Korean engineers have already started work to propose a new version of the application “Device Management” . Numbered, this will allow you to create a list of apps that will automatically be “asleep” when not in use. Samsung has made great efforts with the Galaxy S8 at the level of the Android surcharge Nougat. A few years ago, TouchWiz was a real defect of South Korean phones. By 2017, the system is more responsive, better thought. This kind of update proves the will of Samsung to continuously improve its Galaxy S8 . We hope this will continue! What do you think ?