Samsung Galaxy S8: Not so easy to hack the iris scanner, depending on the brand

Techno 27 May, 2017

Samsung wants to be reassuring! The brand reacted to the piracy of the iris scan of its Galaxy S8 earlier this week. No worries to be done!
To unlock your Samsung Galaxy S8, you are spoiled for choice. In addition to the traditional security code, path and fingerprint, a new method has appeared: the iris scanner. You can access your smartphone thanks to the signature of your eye! Samsung boasts this solution as “one of the most secure ways to keep a phone locked” . Yes, but here, a German hacker team managed to hack this new feature of the Samsung Galaxy S8 earlier this week. A simple high-resolution picture, coming from the Internet, would indeed be able to deceive the smartphone. Faced with this revelation, the South Korean brand wanted to reassure its users.
Samsung has recognized that it is possible to hack the iris scanner of its Galaxy S8, already promoted on Amazon . But the mark made a point: it is very “unlikely” that Mrs. Michu is capable of reproducing this feat. In order to achieve its objectives, the hacker must be able to obtain an infrared light device that is difficult to find on the market. Then, the pirate will have to photograph the iris of the person, before robbing his smartphone. A scenario that “is unlikely to happen in real life . ” An argument which holds the road, and which recalls a point: no system is inviolable. It is also possible to trick the fingerprint sensor of the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the iPhone 7 thanks to … a piece of scotch ! Reassured?