Samsung Galaxy S8: Prices and colors seem to be confirmed

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is revealed a little more with several prices evoked and colors that seem to be confirmed!
Saying that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a highly anticipated smartphone is a mild euphemism. The latter unleashes the passions on the Internet in the manner of an iPhone with the aficionados always on the lookout for the latest rumors. While Samsung should soon teaser the flagship during the MWC 2017, its prices and its colors could have leaked on the net. Guilty party ? A Ukrainian dealer who sold the wick by publishing on its website the tariffs and colors of the Samsung Galaxy S8, whose Plus range will have the same battery as the Galaxy Note 7 , even before the smartphone release. And the least that can be said is that buyers will have to put their hand to the wallet.
In the colors, nothing extravagant with black, gray and gold. It will probably wait several months before landing more original colors like the Coral Blue of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge finally available in France . Prices are to be taken with tongs: 900 euros for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and 985 euros for the Galaxy S8 Plus . For 85 euros, it seems rather tempting to upgrade to the top version of the smartphone. Last month, the famous leaker evleaks unveiled much lower prices for the next Samsung phone . Of course, to finally know how much it will cost us, we will have to wait for formalization. What do you think ?

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