Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 +: More than 700,000 pre-orders, it’s official!

Techno 13 April, 2017

Full box for the Galaxy S8 and S8 +! Samsung announced that 728,000 pre-orders had already been registered.
Earlier this week, the Chosun site claimed that the Galaxy S8 and S8 + had already generated 550,000 pre-orders . The goal of doing at least as well as at the time of the Galaxy Note 7 with 400,000 copies was thus largely achieved. But today, it was the president of the mobile division of Samsung in person who spoke on this subject … And the number he has advanced is even higher than what was expected! To date, more than 728,000 units of the Galaxy S8 and S8 + have found buyers . A record that Koh Dong-Jin has logically congratulated, and that could take even greater moment before the launch of devices on April 28.
The enthusiasm aroused by the Galaxy S8 and S8 + even before they are marketed is explained by several things. First, Samsung played it finely by offering users pre-ordering the flagship to receive it before its launch . The excitement at the idea of ​​having the borderless smartphone in your hands 8 days earlier than everyone probably played. The second reason for this success is not much more complicated … It is due to the quality of the devices concerned. Not only do the Galaxy S8 and S8 + have a stunning design with their narrow borders and Infinity Display, but they offer a high-end technical card with top-notch power and photo quality. Yes, Samsung has succeeded in betting.