Samsung Galaxy S8: Samsung does not want you to get rid of Bixby!

Techno 14 July, 2017

Some users are not really fans of Bixby and try to get rid of them! Only here, Samsung does not agree and prevents them to change the activation button of the voice assistant!

There are people, maybe you, who do not necessarily need a vocal assistant! IPhone users can not ignore Siri and never use it. It is in this case similar that users of the Samsung Galaxy S8, whose birth of the Mini version was denied by Samsung, decided to use applications to get rid of Bixby. The voice assistant of the firm can be activated by a button and it is the use of the latter that is diverted by many owners of the smartphone. But this decision of some does not seem to please Samsung …

Through a new update, Samsung simply comes to block the diverted use of the Bixby button. The latter had already been banned by the firm but developers had found a second parade, now impossible. The real question this blocking poses is: Can Samsung have the right to prevent you from using its product as you like? BxActions, despite this update, has indicated that it will try to bypass the use of the Bixby button again. The war seems to be declared between the manufacturer and the owners of the Samsung Galaxy S8, which sold more than the version Plus.