Samsung Galaxy S8: Still the same galley to translate Bixby in English …

Techno 5 July, 2017

Samsung is still struggling to translate his smart assistant, Bixby. This translation delay is due to several things … The lack of datas, communication problems … We make you the topo.

This is not new, Bixby has trouble learning other languages ​​than his native language. While service was highly anticipated on the Galaxy S8, the smart assistant is having a hard time speaking anything other than Korean. Bixby was even pushed back at the end of June, because Samsung had not respected its translation deadlines, English being a language “too difficult” … And yet, according to Samsung, Bixby looks revolutionary compared to its competitors That are the wizards of Apple, Google and Amazon. In any case, here we are still waiting for proof.

If the assistant has (finally) landed on US smartphones two weeks ago, the new competitor of Siri and Alexa is still struggling to translate the language of Shakespeare. But besides the “difficulty” of the language, Samsung advanced to The Korean Herald of communication difficulties within the company. If US developers do their utmost, geographical and linguistic barriers do not help communication with Korean developers. For the French version, we can always wait … This is frankly not the priority, it seems. Looking forward to seeing Bixby’s VF come on?