Samsung Galaxy S8: The first official poster unveiled!

The first official poster of the Galaxy S8 has just been unveiled! It highlights the range of which it is part, as well as its borderless design and its release date.
The Galaxy S8 will be officialized on 29 March at a press conference in New York. And the closer the deadline, the more rumors become more powerful. A few hours ago, meltyStyle told you that the pre-order launch date had leaked . Koreans should be able to reserve it by 7 April, less than 10 days after its presentation. But even privileged, Asia is not the only continent that will benefit from the qualities of the device from next month … It will land in April all over the world, as shown by the official poster that has just been unveiled . Before you say more, you are allowed to read the document.
On the poster above, the month of April is clearly evoked. In less than 40 days, you will be able to get the Galaxy S8 and use its personal assistant who has recently been formalized. But this is not the only information issued by the document. The letter “S” also appears large to recall the range in question, while the parentheses refer to the fine screen borders that Samsung’s flagship will be equipped with. Its borderless design is definitely no longer in doubt. Until the presentation of the Galaxy S8, (re) discovers the 6 colors in which it could be marketed . Pressed to discover the Galaxy S8?

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