Samsung Galaxy S8: The iris scan hacked by hackers?

Techno 25 May, 2017

What was to happen happened: German hackers claim to have found a way to hack the Samsung Galaxy S8 iris scanner …
This was one of the novelties expected for the Samsung Galaxy S8, which unveiled its interior , and it could well turn against him. When the announcement of the presence of the scanner of iris (already experienced with the late Galaxy Note 7), the aficionados of new technologies were delighted. But among them were pirates who claim to have pirated this function. It is the German group Chaos Computer Club which has highlighted a rather simple way to fool the scanner (but not necessarily simple to implement, it must be admitted). For that, just take a picture of the owner’s eye with a digital camera. But that’s not all.
Because the snapshot must be taken in infrared mode thanks to the digital camera. The sensor using these lights, hacking can only be set up with this method. The Samsung Galaxy S8 (soon to be compatible with a new VR headset) can be duped. What to be a bit scary … Because in an increasingly connected world, hacking a smartphone can be a breeze for an ill-intentioned person. It remains to be seen how Samsung intends to solve this problem. Improve the system of the next smartphone or abandon the iris scanner? What do you think of this matter?