Samsung Galaxy S8: The picture of a model Gold leak online

Techno 21 January, 2017

Will the Samsung Galaxy S8 be available in Gold? A photo of the new color has just leaked online. A very bright color.
IPhone 7, OnePlus 3T and now Samsung Galaxy S8? In recent years, the colors of smartphones “Gold” invaded our daily lives. Color lighthouse in Asia, it also knows a nice success in the West. This is surely what prompted Samsung to develop a Galaxy S8 in this shade. A cliché of this one indeed turns since yesterday on the canvas. We discover a smartphone, the borderless design – which also leaked – no home button in a golden color. Unlike the iPhone 7, including gold is rather dull, the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be entitled to a color very “flashy” . GizChina, who revealed the photo, explains that it is indeed the next terminal, not 3D rendering.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Gold
The Samsung Galaxy S7 is already available in Gold. But the tone of the smartphone currently is quite discreet, very close to that of the iPhone 7. If one believes this picture, this should not be the case of the Samsung Galaxy S8 . The new color shines with a thousand lights, resembling that of an ingot. This additional picture of the next Samsung also gives weight to the rumors of a very innovative design. Many corridor noises go in this direction in recent weeks. The screen should occupy a large majority of the front panel. The buttons would thus be repositioned at the back of the terminal. All this should be presented at MWC in Barcelona in less than 40 days. How do you find this new color?