Samsung Galaxy S8: The Plus model is confirmed

Techno 6 February, 2017

Samsung is preparing a more version of its Galaxy S8. More high-end, demand would be very strong around this model.
The Samsung Galaxy S8 will mark a real break with its predecessor. First illustration of this change, the next flagship of the Korean brand is not available in “flat” . In the closet Edge , the screen of the Galaxy S8, hoped seen at MWC , will be curved on the sides, whatever the model. But as the current generation, there will be several variations of the smartphone. In addition to the version “classic” , the brand should position a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. This one should differentiate itself by its size of screen. It should indeed be entitled to a large diagonal of 6.2 inches, compared to the 5.7 of the small model. Sure of its blow, the manufacturer expects a very strong demand for the phablette.
This is not the first time we hear about the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. This time, the information is confirmed by SamMobile , citing sources close to the production plants. According to the latter, the Plus model would have priority over the classic version. Samsung expects that consumers will rush on the phablette. The stocks of Galaxy S8 Plus must therefore be important from the beginning. On the price side, $ 100 would have to separate the two screen sizes. A strategy that is very similar to that adopted by Apple and its iPhone 7 (Plus). Success seems to be the only prospect envisaged by Samsung, which found contractors for the battery . The brand expects its Galaxy S8 to beat all sales records. Seduced by this model More?