Samsung Galaxy S8: Wireless headphones with smartphone?

Techno 29 December, 2016

Will the Samsung Galaxy S8 be released at the same time as new Samsung wireless headphones? A rumor seems to affirm!

Samsung will adopt the same strategy as Apple, which had unveiled its AirPods at the same time as the iPhone 7? This is what a rumor seems to assert. According to Sam Mobile, the South Korean is currently working on wireless headphones that can be purchased next to the Samsung Galaxy S8, which may have a feature called “Beast Mode” . The manufacturer launched there less than a year the IconX Gear, smart headphones for athletes to besides listening to music but also to calculate heart rate. It is therefore not impossible that, faced with the successes of the latter, the firm decides to propose a model for users lambda.

Headphones with the Galaxy S8?
Sam Mobile does not specify whether Samsung plans to offer or not the headphones with the Samsung Galaxy S8, the reasons for the postponement were discussed . This option, however, seems not very possible since many manufacturers increasing profits through accessories sold separately. The phone will probably be available with wired headphones, an indispensable for many users. If this rumor is substantiated, Samsung will be much the way the abandonment of his son for models . Between wireless charging – fantasized by many – or even wireless headphones, the future of smartphones seems to be plotting more and more towards the connected whole. What do you think ?