Samsung: The Galaxy Note FE could be released in countries other than Korea, including France

Techno 13 July, 2017

The Galaxy Note FE could soon go beyond the borders of Korea … The reconditioned version of the phablette of Samsung would be about to be marketed in other countries, including France.

A few days ago, the Galaxy Note 7 made its big comeback in Korea in a revisited version. To limit the ecological impact of his failure – and also show his ability to recover – Samsung has resurrected his phablette in a “Fan Edition” that many South Korean users have procured. But soon, they may not be the only ones to have the possibility … The Asian manufacturer would consider to market the Galaxy Note FE Edition in other countries around the world, including France that could soon benefit. A few weeks of the presentation of the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung does not let go its Note 7.

Hundreds of thousands of orders have already been made since the Galaxy Note FE came to the market, with a preference for Black Onyx and Blue Coral. Samsung would have decided to surf this passion to cross the borders of Korea, and to benefit users worldwide. Commercialization could occur before the end of the month for a price close to $ 610, according to The Investor. It remains to be seen if they will jump on the occasion, or if they prefer to wait until the release of the Galaxy Note 8 whose front has recently unveiled. Be Online on meltyStyle to be kept informed.