Samuel Piette is already attracting praise after his first game with the Impact

Sport 15 August, 2017

Photo: Michael Perez, Associated Press
Samuel Piette, of the Impact, battle for the ball against Alejandro Bedoya of the Union of Philadelphia, in a victory for the home side 3-0, Saturday in Chester, Pennsylvania.

This was only a first test, but Samuel Piette had himself recognized that he had succeeded last Saturday, in his first game with the Montreal Impact.


The midfielder, 22-year-old has shone at his baptism in the MLS, helping the Impact to defeat the Union of Philadelphia, 3-0.


“It is safe that you should always be critical with yourself, but I’ve made a good game, he humbly said upon returning to the team training on Monday. I’ve more or less read the reviews. I try to keep away from it, as much positive as negative. What matters to me, these are the remarks of the coaches and of my teammates. I want to earn their respect and that is what I believe I have accomplished with the first game. “


Piette has notably made six tackles and blocked two shots. His role, both in defensive than in the revival of the game, earned him the praise of all after the meeting.


“He has been able to replicate what we had seen of him in the Gold Cup, was noted by head coach Mauro Biello. He has played well in the recovery of the ball and had a good timing to succeed in tackling important. It has especially helped the four defenders, but he also played very well with the ball. “


“At times, it may seem simple, but it is difficult to be effective like that in the stimulus. He has been able to break the game and re-engage “Dzema” [Blerim Dzemaili] and Patrice [Bernier] and the other guys in front of him. It is like that that it becomes difficult to stop. He had a good game and helped us win. “


Dzemaili is another in the Impact that has quickly shone since his arrival with the team in may. The swiss international has also said that he believed that a player arriving from Europe, as is the case of Piette, was perhaps better equipped to have success since his arrival in MLS. “I believe that, tactically, a player who arrives in Europe is a little ahead here,” said Dzemaili, who scored six goals and five aids in twelve matches in MLS this season.


Piette has, however, calmed the game, not seeking to discredit the work being done in north american networks of development. “I think every player has a bag that is different, he recalled. Me, I’ve played in three different countries [France, Germany and Spain], and I have experienced three types of soccer different. It has made me a player full. “


For its part, Biello has rather touted once again the qualities of Piette. “I think it helped him to go to Europe at a young age. For the tactical aspect, it is necessary to give credit to the young. It will all depend on how it’s going to absorb the information, said Biello. Piette is a smart player who quickly recognised its qualities and how to be effective with those qualities. When you understand it, the tactical aspect comes easily. “


Piette also believes that its participation in the Gold Cup in July, when he helped Canada reach the quarter-finals, helped him to prepare for the MLS. “It is of the game is similar, he noted. The MLS is a league with an intense and very physical. The game is very “north-south” and you have to run a lot. It makes my role in front of the defensive even more important. My qualities go well with this style and I’ve always played in this position in Europe. In the end, soccer is still soccer. There are not 100 ways to reinvent it. “


Piette will now have to prepare for another special meeting, Wednesday, in the face of the Fire of Chicago, when he will don the blue uniform, white, and black for the first time in Montreal. A native of Repentigny, Pietteavait bought 391 tickets for his family and friends during the friendly match of Canada against Curacao, on the 13th of June last.


“I don’t think I need to buy as many this time ! I know that there will be several members of my family and friends, but I had less time to prepare for it, said Piette. I have to concentrate on my game. The fact of having made my debut at the stranger to me, removes a bit of weight on his shoulders, he added. But it’s going to be my first contact with the partisans. It is certain that there will be a little nervousness. “