San Marino vs Czech Republic live stream: preview, prediction

Sport 26 March, 2017

San Marino vs Czech Republic live streaming free
Forecast for the match San Marino – Czech Republic

On March 26, 2017 at 20:00, the program of the qualifying cycle for the upcoming World Cup, will continue the fight at the San Marino stadium in Serrevalle, in which the national team of San Marino will compete with the Czech team.

San Marino vs Czech Republic preview
The national team of San Marino remains one of the weakest teams of both the European continent and the world. Perhaps the failures of San Marino are associated with a very small population of the country, nevertheless, not only has San Marino never participated in the final stages of the world championships and Europe, so in its history the team has only one victory. With full confidence, we can say that San Marino will not be seen at the mundiale in 2018, because four defeats with a total score of 1:17, is extremely small even for mathematical calculation.

San Marino vs Czech Republic prediction
The Czech national team in turn, as an independent power, has been taking part in qualifying tournaments since 1998. Nevertheless, unlike the European Championship, where the Czech Republic became a participant of the final stage six times, and in 1996 even became a finalist, at the world championships, the “people’s team” performed only once, in 2006 and did not remember anything remarkable. It can not be called successful, the campaign, which the Czech team is conducting in selection for the 2018 mundial. So for 4 rounds, the Czechs scored 5 points, resulting in draws with Northern Ireland and Azerbaijan, as well as a victory over Norway. But it was not without misfires, where the Czechs lost to Germany 3-0.

The history of personal meetings between these teams remains on the side of the Czech national team, which won 4 of the 4 matches played. The results of these meetings remain with an indecent advantage in favor of the Czech Republic, which finished the matches with a total score of 20: 0 (7: 0, 7: 0, 3: 0 and 3: 0). Given that the Czech Republic needs to correct the situation, the game will be exclusively for the victory, besides, I think that the final score will not be an even match, as in the previous four times. Bet: The final score is odd.