Santa Claus went on a world tour : In the World : Vladim

News 24 December, 2017

This tour was a 62-m account and was launched in the cities of Russia. The information was announced by the representative of the United air defense command USA and Canada.

In anticipation of the Christmas holidays Santa Claus every year goes on a world tour, leaving his fabulous residence located in the snowy expanses of the North Pole, harnessed to the sleigh of his faithful comrades, has nine reindeer.

Today, the defense spotted your radar sled chief good sorcerer in flight over the Chukotka district of Russia, with the first paragraph, where it will arrive Santa is the village of New Chaplino, where he was eagerly awaiting children.

Despite the fact that the journey of Santa started today, December 24, he managed to give gifts to many children around the world.