Saturday’s “blue Moon” will be the last until 2020 – Rus.Media

Techno 29 March, 2018

2018-03-29 22:37

Saturday’s “blue Moon” will be the last until 2020
“Blue Moon” is the second in a month the full moon.

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Saturday, March 31, the inhabitants of the Earth will be able to observe the “blue moon” – the second in a calendar month the full moon. The next similar event can be seen only in 2020, according to the news Ukr.Media.

“Blue Moon” on March 31 will be the second such event this year: the last time to observe such a phenomenon was January 31. Then it was possible to observe the rare “bloody blue supermoon”: “blue Moon” coincided with Superman and a full lunar Eclipse.

Following Saturday’s “blue moon” the inhabitants of our planet will be able to observe October 31, 2020.

Previously, scientists said that the moon is possible “conotrane”. A month is compressed and deformed under the influence of gravity. Recently, the satellite of our planet was discovered crack.