Scandal Facebook-Cambridge Analytica: the whistleblower in canada will be heard in the House of commons

News 22 March, 2018

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    Boris Proulx

    Thursday, march 22, 2018 13:34

    Thursday, march 22, 2018 13:34

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    OTTAWA | The whistleblower, canada which revealed that personal data of 50 million users of Facebook have been used for political purposes, will be called to appear before a committee of the House of commons.

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    Christopher Wylie, ex-member founder of the company Cambridge Analytica, who now lives in the United Kingdom, will receive a letter of invitation from Ottawa to come to the country to testify in front of elected officials.

    This request was made by NDP mp Charlie Angus in front of the standing Committee on access to information, privacy and ethics, to “ensure the privacy of citizens’ data and the integrity of democratic processes and elections in the world. “

    The commissioner for the protection of the private life of Canada, Daniel Therrien, and the directors and officers of large companies platform such as Facebook, Amazon and Google will also be invited to attend.

    Cambridge Analytica would have used the personal data of 50 million users of Facebook to develop software to predict and influence the votes of american voters in favor of president Donald Trump.

    Previously, a company of Mr. Wylie, Eunoia Technologies, has been awarded a contract of $ 100,000 of the bureau of research of the liberal Party of Canada.

    The company’s mandate was to ” design and organize several national samples of Canadians to explore the answers to the strategic priorities of the government and other issues of national importance. “