Scheer wants to end the era Harper

News 24 March, 2018
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    Andrew Scheer has admitted in an interview to the Newspaper that his French was not enough improved to his liking in the last year.

    Guillaume St-Pierre

    Saturday, 24 march, 2018 21:08

    Saturday, 24 march, 2018 21:08

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    OTTAWA | The leader of the conservatives Andrew Scheer heater Justin Trudeau in the polls for the very first time. But he admits that it still has the “challenge” to get out of anonymity and to break with the era of Stephen Harper. To get there, he organized a big tour in Quebec in order to demonstrate that the tactics negative and the coldness that defined the era Harper are dead and buried.

    During an interview with the Newspaper, The politician, the 38-year-old gave an overview of his strategy to make his mark before the next federal election in 2019.

    He wished first to put aside the “personal attacks” against liberal leader Justin Trudeau, who have been the bread and butter of the conservatives in the last election in 2015.

    Mr. Scheer even takes care of throwing flowers to the prime minister, who “sacrificed” his personal life to serve his country, ” he said. “The conservatives win when they offer a positive vision of society “, said Mr. Scheer. Politician’s promise ? The future will tell us.

    A chief open

    Mr. Scheer also wants to impose itself as being a leader, cheerful, and ” open “, to make you forget the coldness perceived in its predecessor. “I have a very, very warm [to the policy]. I love the people, I love people. “But the question for Ontario is courting extreme right-wing movements, which some associate with his party.

    “There is no place [for us] to the messages that are racist, intolerant, and divisive end-point “, says Mr. Scheer, annoyed by the question.

    Quebec, a priority

    Quebec will be one of the main battlegrounds policies in the next federal election. Andrew Scheer promises, therefore, to offer to Quebecers of the solutions are “distinct” and “specific” to their problems to attract them into its bosom, without, however, say more. To get there, the conservatives are organizing a big tour in the province, confirmed Mr. Scheer. “My canadian colleagues have told me that a very important thing for the voters of quebec is to have a personal connection” with the politicians. It promises to be much more present in the events across the province. The tour will take off after the congress, conservative activists, in Saint-Hyacinthe, in mid-may, announced Mr. Scheer.

    Balancing the budget harder

    Based on the principle that “all governments spend too much,” Andrew Scheer wishes to impose a strict diet to the federal government. If he is elected prime minister in 2019, he promises to submit a balanced budget within a period of two years. But, according to him, the spending of the liberals jeopardize this commitment. “Each year that passes ensures that it becomes more difficult for me to balance the budget,” he explains. Digging deficits, the Trudeau government has sent a wrong message to federal officials, who have had ” bad ideas “, leading to waste. Mr. Scheer cited the example of the installation of a temporary ice rink of $ 8.2 million before the parliament, in Ottawa.

    No campaigns negative ?

    Conservatives have gleefully used the ads negative to attack their opponents during the last election campaign. Andrew Scheer promises to move away from this strategy in favor of a message more ” positive “. In a surprising moment of candor, he even went so far as to pay homage to his main opponent. “I respect sincerely Justin Trudeau as a man, as a colleague, as a father of three children, who must make many sacrifices, was delivered by Mr. Scheer. We are going to talk about the impact of its policies. I’ll go on the attack not the person. I think that Canadians do not want to see personal attacks. “

    No promise of firm joint

    Justin Trudeau has set a new standard by presenting a cabinet of ministers composed of 50% women. Mr. Scheer refuses to promise as much. “I’ll make sure that women are well represented in the cabinet “, says he said, before adding :

    “It is essential to base this kind of decision on the experience and qualifications of members. But I’m very confident that I’m going to have a lot of local women with the capacity and experience [required]. “

    Make a firm joint would be the feat for the conservatives, whose caucus is made up of only 17 % of women are currently far behind the liberals (29 %) and the NDP (40 per cent).