School boards: the CAQ filed a bill to limit the costs to the parents

News 20 March, 2018
  • Photo Simon Clark
    The deputy Jean-François Roberge

    François Cormier

    Tuesday, 20 march 2018 21:33

    Tuesday, 20 march 2018 21:35

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    The Coalition avenir Québec and mna Jean-François Roberge will file a bill this week to eliminate the costs which qualified as abusive in some school boards in Quebec, learned VAT News.

    More question to charge parents for the use of a microwave oven or for adding an address on the route of a school bus, one can read in an internal note, that VAT News has obtained a copy.

    We also learn that the cost of care in the school environment and the cost of school transport would be the same for Quebec as a whole.

    With its draft law, the political formation of François Legault is trying to cut the grass under the feet of the liberal minister of Education, Sébastien Proulx, who has also promised a revision of the bills of the school boards.

    Although there is little chance for the CAQ that his bill is called before the end of the parliamentary session, this deposit allows them to know the school boards that it intends to limit their powers of billing prior to the abolition, if it comes to power on the 1st of October next.

    This is the second bill introduced by the CAQ in 2018. She had filed twelve in 2017.