Schultz denies start coalition talks with Merkel

News 6 December, 2017

The head of the political party SPD Martin Schulz denies the beginning of coalition negotiations with Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. From Berlin came a variety of information about the possible cooperation of the parties.


Martin Schulz accused of spreading false information, the CDU/CSU. He called Merkel and criticized her party because she is the best rumors about the agreements. According to Schultz, if the political power contributes to the emergence in the media of false information, it does not cause trust. The head of the SPD says that it is considering various scenarios, including the cooperation with the CDU/CSU. Policies will discuss this issue at the meeting of the fourth of November.

The SPD has set some conditions under which it is ready to dialogue. Among them, the transformation of the EU, the introduction of a unified tax policies and the emergence of the post of Minister of Finance of the European Union. Schultz recommends that you change the medical and educational sphere in the country.