Scientists call plants that are better not to keep the house

Techno 27 March, 2018

2017-09-10 19:40

Scientists call plants that are better not to keep the house
Became known, some flowers in pots it is better not to buy for the house.

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You should avoid these three species that have taken root in our apartments – they can be very dangerous, especially for young children, reports Rus.Media.

Dieffenbachia. A common shade plant hides many secrets. First, dieffenbachia is a tropical species that survives well in the sun and also is one of the most poisonous plant in the world. Chewing any part of this plant can cause severe pain in the mouth and throat, salivation, and in some cases severe swelling of the throat, which can lead to asphyxia.

English yew (yew) is an evergreen tree common in forests across Europe, which is often used to decorate the interiors. In fact it is one of the most deadly trees in the world. With the exception of berries, all parts of the yew are highly toxic, it is a fast-acting toxin from which there is no antidote. It is noteworthy that in the middle ages, yew was used by herbalists to induce abortions – which, unfortunately, was often fatal to mother and child. Tisa consumption even in small quantities causes heart problems that cause death.

Oleander may look like an attractive flowering shrub, but don’t be fooled! Oleander is one of the most popular… poisonous garden plants. A small child can be poisoned by eating just one leaf of a plant.

This poison causes intestinal symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea (sometimes with blood), excessive salivation, spasms and pain as well as cardiac arrhythmias, reduced blood circulation, tremors, seizures, coma and death. In India there are many cases when people consuming the seeds of the oleander, made a suicide attempt.