Scientists explain the formation of long term memory

Techno 11 February, 2018

2018-02-11 19:55

Scientists explain the formation of long term memory
Scientists spoke about the work of the formation of long term memory.

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As reported by foreign media, a group of neuroscientists conducted experiments back in 2011, reports Rus.Media.

The results of the research proved that the human memory begins to form at the time of occurrence of the child in the womb. Experts have long known that the brain uses to encode memories, changing work of neural connections. But previously it was not clear what contributed to their changes.

Experts from the Massachusetts technological educational institution recognized, how is the formation of long-term memory. Neuroscience explains the work of recording memories within gparam. This occurs at the level of molecules.

The studies found that a gene called Npas4 is activated after the acquired human experience. Before it was recognized as a leading regulator, vyzyvayuschee activity of neurons. Hence, biologists have concluded that in the absence of Npas4 does not happen, the formation of long term memories.