Scientists found a diamond with the alien ice inside

Techno 13 March, 2018

2018-03-13 22:55

Scientists found a diamond with the alien ice inside
Researchers first discovered on Earth the ice-VII

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Scientists have discovered on Earth nadlu form of ice known as ice VII. At the moment it is known that such ice is formed in space and on the Ground before it was received only in laboratory conditions. Now, however, he was found inside of the diamond, reports Rus.Media.

Regular ice, which can, for example, add to drink is ice-I, in which water molecules form a hexagonal shape. But as the water is compressed, the molecules begin to take a different form. Ice-VII has a cubic molecular form, and two times denser than regular ice.

Such ice researchers have discovered by accident, in the diamond, which was found at a depth of about 644 kilometers under the crust. Mantle not only put enormous pressure on the materials, she is also very hot, so ice there is, of course, is not formed. In extremely rare cases, when the diamonds travel through it closer to the surface, they retain their lattice structure and the water inside them is exposed to sufficiently low temperatures, so that it formed ice-VII.

This ice was first recorded in natural conditions on Earth.

Earlier, the international group of geologists established that solid metal core inside the Earth was formed 1-1. 5 billion years ago. Also, scientists were able to determine the growth rate of the earth’s core: the year the radius increases by approximately 1 mm.