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Techno 3 April, 2018

2016-12-07 10:07

Scientists have found that affects the life expectancy of women
For a long time it was believed that only two things guaranteed in life: taxes and death is inevitable

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The new work of scientists calls another indicator – the telomeres-specific cells. They are also associated with longevity, and with the ability women to bear a child.
Research of scientists was published today in “Menopause” – the journal of the North American menopause society. Some observations have proved that a woman’s age at birth affects the duration of her life. “The Length of the telomeres in women with late maternal by the term” revealed the factors associated with the rate of aging and life expectancy, such as the birth of the last child.

Telomeres are important components of human cells that affect age. They protect the chromosomes during replication to prevent the loss of DNA strands. With age, the length of telomeres decreases. The long length associated with good health.

According to Jana Pinkerton, Executive Director of NAMS, this study shows that women able to give birth at a later age, and this is a sign of healthy aging.

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