Scientists have found that those most affected by one-time sex

Techno 11 March, 2018

2018-03-11 16:23

Scientists have found that those most affected by one-time sex
Norwegian sexologists conducted a large-scale study in several countries in Europe to find out who suffer most from the disposable sex.

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It turned out that remorse after no this does not obligate sexual contact often visit the female half of humanity, reports Rus.Media.

Sexual relations, which a priori are unable to further development, no longer a rarity in civilized countries. Men and women give their all career and moving up the social ladder, often try to relax with sexual relations, are not binding. But if the stronger sex this form of relationship is completely natural, more than 70% of women suffer from immediately after the “accident”.

It turned out that the development of civilization, which threw many taboos, not quite touched the depths of the subconscious of most women. Initially, women’s nature and essence lies in the birth of children, their upbringing and, therefore, the instinctive choice of a reliable, strong partner who needs to provide their offspring further comfortable existence. This instinct remains dominant, despite all the talk about gender equality and feminism.