Scientists have identified the frightening impact of a smartphone in a person’s life

Techno 11 March, 2018

2018-03-11 12:38

Scientists have identified the frightening impact of a smartphone in a person’s life
Scientists have long argued over how much of the smartphone affects the human brain.

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Recent studies using innovative technologies Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) allowed us to determine the degree of addiction and how the gadgets lead to depression, reports Rus.Media.

Throughout the day the smartphone is an essential tool. Alarm clock, access to social networks, the Internet, and calls to family and friends – everything is possible with the help of a small gadget. However, when using it there is a danger of falling into depression or atrofiroval part of their brain. If the latest still has not defined the degree of influence, the psychological part of scientists at MIT have helped to define it.

It turned out that over the last 5 years the number of people with dependence on gadgets has increased by 28%. Mostly people get used to smartphones and tablets, which spend most of their time. The brain experts at mit have discovered a sector responsible for addiction. In this phase the cells reproduced much more slowly than others.

For comparison, was invited 100 people, who actively use the gadgets and the 100 are trying to protect your life from smartphones. In the first half of the respondents activity of the cells was inhibited by 17% in comparison with the dependent smartphones. Scientists also drew attention to the fact that smartphones cause a depression, which have a negative impact on the mental state. The person is actively using the gadget is broken the motor system, formed by the lethargy and sudden outbursts of emotion.