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Techno 30 March, 2018

2017-03-31 09:56

Scientists have proved the existence of parallel worlds
Scientists from Oxford University have been able to scientifically prove that parallel universes really do exist.

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The theory about parallel worlds appeared in the 50-ies and many have tried to prove or disprove it, despite the fact that the hypothesis about the existence of parallel worlds explains the nature of quantum mechanics.

One of the proofs of the scientist mathematically calculated, Hugh Everett on a simple example of an ordinary road traffic accident, proving that the number of alternative results the situation is the number of worlds. The driver, who saw suddenly ran out into the pedestrian road, there are three options and this essentially creates three parallel worlds.

Three worlds, three realities. One driver trying to save a pedestrian is killed himself, the other he’s trying to avoid a collision is injured and ends up in the hospital, and in the third he knocks down a pedestrian who dies in the collision, and the driver remains alive.

A number of alternative development options are such a simple situation as the normal accident – endlessly. Although mathematics theory Everett was very revealing and mathematically proved the existence of a parallel reality, it is not taken seriously, but a team of scientists from Oxford itself that not expecting, I found a mathematical proof of the theory put forward by Hugh Everett.

According to them, if you follow the principles of quantum theory, we cannot say that there is inside the atom to experiment on him, because before measurement the particles occupy unclear “superposition”, in which they can have both top and bottom spin, or to appear in different places at the same time.

It turns out that we live in one of the many parallel worlds and not in one and now it’s actually scientifically proven.