Scientists made the discovery where we can be our doubles

Techno 17 December, 2017

2017-12-17 09:14

Scientists made the discovery where we can be our doubles
If we assume that the cosmic laws are the same in all parts of the Universe, the idea of the existence of twins in our Solar system is not so strange.

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Heavy duty telescope and artificial intelligence has allowed NASA to prove this in practice, reports Rus.Media. In 8 years of operation, the Kepler telescope was able to detect thousands of prospective planets. The network in turn, is able to hone the ability to recognize even a weak light signals. Open system planets is a miniature copy of the Solar system.

A team of scientists working with the Kepler space telescope, discovered the existence of 8 exoplanets. According to the developer of artificial intelligence Christopher Shelley, the neural system that analyzed the data Kepler has detected the signals from the eighth planet that orbits the star Kepler-90 in the constellation of the Dragon. Thus, scientists believe that discovered the Solar system, which is very similar to ours. It is known that a new planet bigger than earth by almost 30 % and is at close distance from its star. The planet can be equated to mercury, because its temperature is more than 425 degrees Celsius.

At the same time, the furthest planet Kepler-90h, which was discovered by scientists posted at the same distance as earth is from the Sun. Since then, as our ancestors discovered the planets of the Solar system thousands of years ago, the first time we know for sure that our solar system is not the only record for the number of planets. Star system Kepler-90 – like a mini-version of our Solar system. Here the small planets on the inside and large outside. However, everything is much closer to the star, said astronomer Andrew Vanderburgh.