Scientists said that it should look so perfect female body

Techno 8 December, 2017

2017-07-03 20:20

Scientists said that it should look so perfect female body
Meet Kelly brook. She’s 37 years old and she is an extraordinarily beautiful woman, model and actress, but her figure is very difficult to call “perfect”, because every day we cover gloss smile absolutely other women.

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However, the woman with the most perfect body in the world. At least from a scientific point of view.

There were a lot of disputes related to what the figure can be called perfect. To stop arguing, scientists from the University of Texas decided to conduct a scientific study. The candidates were many, but the owner of a perfect figure Kelly brook admitted.

Her height is 1 meter 68 centimeters, and the main parameters: bust – 99 cm, waist 69 cm, hip 92 cm, She wears bra fifth the size and shoes of the forties.

It turns out that the figure that most women perceive as “need to lose some weight”, is actually the closest to a harmonious ideal. The study took into account all the parameters up to the roundness of the hips, leg length, nose shape and hair condition.

And that is important – the natural beauty Kelly. No plastic surgery, no silicone or extension hair.

Kelly brook not too worried about their own harmony, and she rarely visits a gym. She explains simply:

“Women in the 50-ies looked much sexier than a model now. I dream to be like them.”