Scientists say that the summer will be much longer and hotter

Techno 26 March, 2018

2018-03-26 11:53

Scientists say that the summer will be much longer and hotter
And may the weather is not pleasant in the warm days, the scientists say that summer is on Earth will become much longer than we used to. And here’s why. .

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The researchers say that dry and hot period may last for three months, and six months. Scientists from tel Aviv University predict global climate change that can significantly affect the duration of the summer, informs Ukrmedia.

The fact that greenhouse gases as the main factor responsible for climate change, and it is directly linked to human activities. Israeli scientists, who published their study in International journal of climatology, come to troubling conclusions: if human activities will affect the climate at the same rate, by mid-century, the duration of the summer period will increase by a quarter, and the end — 50%.

Dry and hot period in countries such as Israel, Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey, will increase to six months, and the rainy season, respectively, will be reduced to two months.

These changes can significantly affect the life of the region: degrade water quality, change the timing and intensity of seasonal diseases. Need to prepare for climate change, say scientists, as to prevent the warming appears to be already impossible.